Is Your Elderly Parent Alone in Lansdowne or Philadelphia, PA?

Is Your Elderly Parent Alone in Lansdowne or Philadelphia, PA?

Arrange elderly companion care for them today

Few things are as painful as thinking about an elderly family member sitting at home alone. If your loved one needs companionship that your work schedule or physical distance won’t allow you to provide, call Affectionate Home Health Care Services LLC. We offer elderly companion care in Lansdowne, Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas.

Elderly companion care also offers you a respite from caregiving without leaving your loved one alone. Give your parent or grandparent the companionship they need by calling 484-461-4369 today.

Is senior companion care right for your family?

It’s hard to overstate the benefits of providing a companion for your elderly family member. Senior companion care provides your loved one with:

  • Friendship: A companion provides the socialization your loved one needs to live a healthy life.
  • Supervision: If your family member is physically or mentally disabled, a sitter can make sure they stay safe throughout the day.
  • Comfort: Aside from emotional comfort, a companion can make sure your loved one isn’t lacking any creature comforts.

Senior companion care doesn’t always involve visiting your Lansdowne or Philadelphia, PA home. We offer safety monitoring and companionship services via phone, as well. Call now to arrange senior companion care for your loved one.