Is Immobility Making Housework Impossible?

Is Immobility Making Housework Impossible?

Manage your home easily with homemaking services in Lansdowne & Philadelphia, PA

An illness, handicap or injury can make daily activities monumental tasks. Affectionate Home Health Care Services LLC is here to help you keep your household under control. We provide homemaking services to residents of Lansdowne, Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding area. We’ll handle cleaning and other household chores and assist you with many other routine homemaking activities.

Don’t struggle with housekeeping for another day. Call now to arrange your homemaking services.

See how homemaker services can give you back your day

What are some of the daily homemaker services we can complete for you? We’ll help you or your family member:

  • Manage mail: sorting, reading and responding
  • Run errands: grocery shopping, doctors’ appointments and social activities
  • Do housework: vacuuming, dusting, laundry and kitchen cleaning

We can also help with meal planning, cooking and serving. Call our office in Lansdowne, PA today to learn more about our homemaker services.